Underground Market Square in Krakow: Secrets hidden under the tenements

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Underground Market Square in Krakow: Secrets hidden under the tenements

Krakow, one of the most beautiful cities in Poland, hides many secrets and fascinating stories. One of the most interesting tourist attractions is the Market Square underground, which is a labyrinth of corridors and chambers hidden under charming tenement houses. In this article, I take you on a journey through the underground of the Market Square in Krakow, where you will learn about their history and discover unusual secrets.

The Underground Market Square in Krakow has its roots in the Middle Ages, when the underground spaces served as a place to store goods and as an atelier for artisans. Initially, there were only the basements of tenement buildings, but as the city grew, new corridors and chambers were created to form an extensive system of underground tunnels.

Entering the underground, one immediately feels the mysterious atmosphere. Thick brick walls, vaulted ceilings and remnants of ancient fortress walls give the impression of time travel. The Market Underground is like a journey to the past, where you can feel the spirit of past centuries and understand what life was like in medieval Krakow.

One of the most important places in the Market Square’s underground is the Gothic Hall, which impresses with its architecture. This spacious room with its distinctive Gothic vaults was once a place for markets and meetings of townsfolk. Today you can enjoy all sorts of exhibitions and presentations that put you in the atmosphere of the old days.

Another interesting place is the Cracow Underground Museum, which offers a rich collection of exhibits and multimedia presentations. Through interactive exhibits, one can explore the city’s history and learn about its important events. The Underground Museum is not only a learning experience, but also an unforgettable one, where you can take on the role of Krakow’s former inhabitants.

The Market Underground also hides some secrets and legends. It is said that there is a hidden treasure in the underground that awaits the brave seeker. In addition, there are tales of ghosts and phenomena that supposedly haunt these spaces. It is these stories that attract many mystery and paranormal enthusiasts.

The Market Underground is also an important place for film and pop culture lovers. Many film productions have used these spaces as backdrops for their scenes. Films such as “Teutonic Knights” and “Miss Nobody” introduced the Market’s underground to the world, and now anyone can explore these places on their own and get a feel for the movie.

When visiting Krakow, don’t miss the underground of the Market Square. It is a fascinating place that allows us to immerse ourselves in the history and culture of the city. Walking through the underground, we can feel the spirit of the past, understand what daily life was like in the Middle Ages and appreciate the beauty of the architecture. The Market Underground is not only a tourist attraction, but also a real treasure of Krakow waiting to be discovered.

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