...I highly value Kraków for the fact that someone there may still genuinely care ….”

Konrad Swiniarski

Our Association was established in 2008. All our members are certified and licensed guides in Kraków, for whom guiding is both a profession and passion in one. For many years now we have been sharing with tourists the history and culture of our city – the focal point of the entire history of our country. Together we follow the eternal footsteps of great men and women who spent their entire lives here in Kraków or were just or visitors. Men and women who never forgot their stay in Kraków.


It is our wish that every visitor to Kraków confirms the words of Henryk Sienkiewicz, a famous Polish writer and Nobel Prize winner,

“...I am more and more convinced that if the Kościuszko Mound emitted a bit of smoke, and the Błonia meadow exhibited more water than Rudawa, then Naples would be no match for Kraków, a city with exquisite living conditions. The inhabitants of such a city should not die, and if they are to die, then I believe that it would be due partially to their love for old traditions, and partially to copying what is fashionable abroad…”


(All quotations taken from M. Rożek Wielcy pod Wawelem, 2013)


The SECESJA Association is a member of Federacja Stowarzyszeń Przewodnickich ( Federation of Tourist Guide Associations)

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